The lignin is a complex polymer and it is an integral component of the woody parts of plants cells. It is obtained as the secondary raw material in the hydrolysis processes by removing polysaccharides from the shredded wood.

Lignin is non toxic, non radioactive and is chemically neutral, so there are few options of the lignin usage:

  • The processed lignin is used as biofuel or as raw material for pellets and briquettes production. When using lignin up to 20 percentage more energy is obtained than using wood.
  • The lignin being a glue of organic origin  is used as a binder for production of wood pellets or the straw briquettes.
  • The lignin is used as an organic material for the plants substrates. The lignin enriches soil composition thus providing nutritional substances to the plants.

Production process

1. The lignin is pushed in and stacked for drying.


2. Dried lignin is transported to the production site.


3. The lignin is mixed with crushed wood, sifted and supplied to the customers.